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Freight Forwarders are companies that specialize in all arranging the shipping and logistics of goods from the start to finish of the supply chain. Because the International supply chain involves so many different processes and parties in different countries, freight forwarders specialize in connecting services to streamline freight movements around the world. Freight forwarding companies are experts that have industry experience and understanding of all of the complex transport and logistics arrangements involved in global trade. They will act on the behalf of shippers to arrange services ranging from export documentation, international seafreight charges, customs clearance procedures, import duties/taxes, port handling fees, local trucking and marine insurance.

Basically, freight forwarders will provide a wide range of services along the supply chain that will depend on your specific requirements.  Some companies specialize as ocean freight forwarders or as air freight forwarders, or both. Their freight forwarding service will cover:

  • Export and Import customs clearance logments
  • Intermodal transport options – from road, rail, air and sea
  • Trucking container deliveries from port to door
  • Verified Gross Mass – Full Container weighing and certification
  • HS Code classification, import duties and taxes
  • Export documentation
  • International sea freight charges
  • Port service handling charges
  • Quarantine / Fumigation services
  • Marine insurance cover
  • Agents / office network in countries around the world
  • Specialized cargo movements
  • Other 3rd party services

      When products are shipped Internationally there are so many important processes that are involved to get goods delivered through to end customers.  Because of this, freight forwarders have access to a broad network of logistics providers along the supply chain. This allows them to connect services between integrated modes of transport, from road, sea, rail and air.  They will have existing relationships with trucking companies, port services, International shipping lines, customs agents and marine insurance brokers around the world.

Think of your freight forwarder as a long term business partner.  In doing so, you must choose a freight forwarder that understands your exact requirements and that can provide you with the level of service that you require in your business.  Very large global forwarding companies normally deal with very large shippers and therefore don’t focus on providing a high level of service to a smaller shippers. On the other hand, small freight forwarders may not have the tools, resources or networks required to service very large volume shippers.

You should carefully research and speak to multiple freight forwarders to get a feel for the right match for your business.  Make sure that you call and speak to a freight manager and give them as much detailed information as you can, including:

  • Where you are shipping products to and from (the shipper’s pickup address, the final delivery address)
  • The IncoTerms agreed between the buyer and seller
  • The mode of transport and shipment type – FCL, LCL, Breakbulk, Airfreight etc.
  • How often you will be shipping goods
  • What capabilities you have as an importer or exporter
  • Any specialized support such as over-sized shipments, hazardous / Dangerous goods cargo etc

Based on the IncoTerm and the details mentioned above, forwarders will send you quotes detailing the list of charges that you will be responsible for. You will find that these quote documents are often confusing and contain a long list of charges and industry jargon.  However, make sure that you take the time to understand how the charges work so that you can double check the final invoices in future.  Exporters must understand their cost of product plus any additional logistics charges that they have agreed to. Importers must accurately understand the total landed cost of goods by the time they are delivered through to their door.

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